Healthy nutrition and a sustainable lifestyle are current megatrends in society. At IFA 2019, Liebherr-Hausgeräte is presenting new technologies aiming to help consumers achieve these goals, such as BioFresh and DuoCooling, that keep food fresher for longer, even at home. We asked the group’s Managing Director of Ressort Sales and Marketing, Steffen Nagel, to tell us more. 

Customers want modern fridges and freezers to deliver everyday convenience and longer food storage times. Generally speaking, micro-organisms influence how long food can be stored, so cooling slows down the activity of these organisms. Technologies such as BioFresh and DuoCooling mean that the resource-squandering act of throwing away food and constant grocery shopping are both things of the past. As a result, customers benefit from gaining valuable time and they also save money. 

Do you have some examples? 

If you store a lettuce in the fridge, it usually loses crispness within a few days, and is more often than not thrown away earlier than it should be. This scenario takes place in countless households every day but is no longer in keeping with modern times.

BioFresh and DuoCooling mean that (…) throwing away food and constant grocery shopping are both things of the past.

In Germany, around 4.8 million tonnes of food land up in the rubbish every year, according to a recent nutritional study by Iss was, Deutschland. That translates to 55 kg per person. For a family of four, this equates to €940 in financial terms. Yet almost half of this waste could be avoided with correct storage. 

So, what you’re saying is that those who follow a healthy diet and buy fresh fruit and vegetables also want these to stay fresh for as long as possible at home. How is Liebherr fulfilling customer requirements for optimised freshness?

Liebherr’s BioFresh technology keeps lettuce and broccoli fresh for 13 days rather than 5, and strawberries fresh for 7 days instead of only 3, for example. Depending on the type of meat, BioFresh can store packaged meat for up to 6 days instead of just one. And dairy products such as Edam cheese can be kept for 120 days, rather than 10. With BioFresh, plenty of different food items stay fresh for significantly longer than in a conventional fridge compartment of a comparable fridge, thanks to the optimised temperature and humidity. The result: Healthy nutrition with fresh food. Every day.

What is DuoCooling, and how does it work? 

Fresh food often loses its appeal after being stored for a short time, shrivelling up or wilting. The rotting process begins, due to the food drying out. The cause of this: The cold air in the freezer compartment draws the humidity out of the fridge compartment. However, things are different in Liebherr products with the innovative DuoCooling technology. This prevents the air exchange between fridge and freezer compartments in all Liebherr fridge-freezers, and thus protects stored food from drying out – regardless of where it is stored in the fridge. Food stays fresh for longer with Liebherr.

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Photo: Steffen Nagel, Managing Director, Ressort Sales & Marketing, Liebherr