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Newegg creates market share for European sellers

The Newegg Global Seller Program brings together thousands of businesses and millions of products through an international platform to meet the buying needs of consumers worldwide. Sophia Tsao VP, Head of Marketplace is at IFA again this year – and we asked her to tell us more…

Newegg is North America’s 2nd largest pure play e-commerce retailer and #1 tech focused marketplace platform with access to over 30 million registered customers.

The Newegg marketplace platform offers a complete e-commerce solution and marketing program to help merchants, retailers, manufactures, & brands, explore online Cross-Border Trade. Our program provides a shortcut for merchants to access the massive North America consumer market, by providing a ful lment service, Shipped by Newegg (SBN), a variety of marketing & merchandising tools to help provide extra exposure, customer  service, and other value-added services. These are all designed to lower and eliminate common barriers and challenges to make entry into the North American market fast, easy, and pro table.

A lot of people are talking about Mobile Commerce. How do you t in there?

Newegg ranked 2016 Mobile 500 top 10 in US and #24 worldwide and in 2015 our mobile traf c increased YOY 128%. With today’s rapidly changing landscape, mobile is the centre of discussion and it is simply together to ensure that we are leading our customers with education and expertise, while giving them the promotional push to increase conversions. This is done in different ways on different channels, but it all comes down to covering all our bases on all the channels. Our User Experience team works tirelessly to test and improve the functions on our entities to  ensure that we are constantly striving for the best possible interaction we can present.

We have integrated SMS messaging into our customer service umbrella to allow customers to contact us whenever they need to, without needing to be put on hold or into an online queue and we are adopting a progressive model on our mobile technology development.

What key market trends are you experiencing at the moment?

Look at the recent popularity of the Pokemon GO mobile game across multiple countries we can see why.

With the Internet of Things (IoT) in general, the integration of technology that connects the different aspects of our life is helping to advance our comfort, ef ciency, and safety, however the most natural starting point for this innovation is the home.

We heard about a German company that has had a lot of success selling on Newegg… Yes, the Newegg global seller program has fostered the successful launch of quite a few European brands into the North American market through

One of which is a PC components brand called, be quiet!. Their growing success in Germany led them to consider expansion in the US market. However, challenges in scaling a business while maintaining control over distribution and marketing made the possibility of expansion dif cult. After joining Newegg Marketplace in 2014, be quiet! has seen tremendous year over year growth. The ease in integration coupled with a savvy Marketplace team gave be quiet! a new stage to shine on, and their turnover has grown tenfold