IFA Opening Press Conference Sets Stage for Show

The not-to-be-missed media event paints a bright picture for the industry

It’s official. IFA is, more than ever, THE partner of the future – as it has been since way back in 1924. This was the message that launched the IFA 2016 press conference at the CityCube Berlin building on Wednesday 31st August.


The conference was kicked- off by Hans-Joachim Kamp, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at gfu Consumer & Home Electronics GmbH – the organisation at the heart of IFA. Mr Kamp began by outlining global trends in the consumer electronics sector, which in Euro terms has experienced a dip in the first half of 2016 – year over year. Mr Kamp was quick to explain that the reduction in market value was not so much

caused by a true retraction of the market so much as through uctuations of the value of the Euro versus the US dollar. Mr Kamp says it is very dif cult to make any serious projections in value terms, due to volatility in Brazil, Russia, Turkey, and now the UK, due to “Brexit” concerns.

Within the ups and downs, some sub-sectors are booming, such as UHD TV, which has seengrowth of 75% over the past year, and HDR, he says, will also bolster growth. OLED TV is in a major boom phase, up 120% in volume year on year with expected sales of 600,000 in 2016. Bluetooth speakers are up 23% in 2016, with total expected sales of 41 million units. “Wearables are about to conquer our daily lives”, added Mr Kamp, with predicted sales for 2016 at 122 million – up 58% on 2015.

In terms of value and quantity, smartphones continue to dominate, with 5.5-inch models at the heart of demand. Sales of 1.4bn products are projected for 2016 – a rise of 5% on the previous period.

“IFA comes at the right time of the year”, concluded Mr Kamp, adding, “35% of total orders for the year take place in Q4, so the show is ideally positioned, last year generating 4.35bn Euros in orders.”