Gome Moves Into the Connected World

Gome Holdings Group operates in retail, real estate, and investment businesses. It operates a chain of home appliance stores in China, and sells home appliances online. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in Beijing, China. Gome’s Winkin Liao told IFA International how Chinese consumers growing interest in foreign brands has affected the market at home.

How has the Chinese market of consumer electronics been affected as Chinese consumers become increasingly interested in foreign brands?

As overseas products enter the daily life of Chinese consumers we are adapting our product structure and service categories to the changing, diverse consumption needs.
Consumers of different kinds have diverse needs for electronic products and many electronic products are imported from overseas to meet those needs. Gome is China’s biggest retailer and it’s our responsibility to serve as a bridge between domestic consumers and foreign suppliers and introduce high-quality foreign products to our consumers to improve their livelihood. This is part of our social responsibility. One of our aims at IFA 2016 was to nd the right products to introduce to our consumers back home.


And you now have a partnership with IFA…

Yes, at the beginning of 2015, Gome Holdings Group reached a strategic agreement with IFA to become its strategic partner in Asia. At CE China, IFA’s Chinese event in Shenzhen in April – where we had a booth to display our products – our delegation took the chance to meet with IFA executives to discuss future co-operation.

As IFA’s Asian strategic partner, we hope to strengthen communication with international home appliance suppliers and build the international image of our brand via this international trade show.
We are at a critical period of transformation. Now many suppliers have incorporated Internet-enabled home appliances for smart homes and so have evolved from hardware producers to solutions providers. Our retail strategy is moving in this direction too, fueling our determination to upgrade our business and better- serve our consumers.

How do you spot new ideas, establish connections and develop partnerships at the trade show?

At the trade show, we saw that many Chinese and foreign suppliers have extended their business from hardware production to R&D in the eld of intelligent home appliances and the smart home. We are taking this opportunity to learn from them in moving from a traditional sector to an emerging one.

We will deliver services before, during and after sales including intelligent home appliances and smart-home services based on the products and services provided by suppliers. We will also actively introduce advanced products and services we see to domestic consumers. At IFA 2016, we’ve seen and talked with many Chinese and foreign suppliers and I believe that the most cutting-edge smart-home appliances will reach Chinese consumers pretty soon.

What do you find to be the most interesting at the trade show?

I find it very interesting to demonstrate product functions by presenting usage scenarios or by employing smart technologies on the spot. In addition to product experience, it enables consumers to envision the changes and improvement these products will bring to their future lifestyle. We look forward to introducing the usage scenarios of intelligent home appliances presented at IFA to domestic consumers to improve their lives.

Messe Berlin, the organiser of IFA, has been striving to enhance Europe-China relations by hosting events such as CE China. What do you think of its efforts?

IFA is the world’s best-known home-appliance and consumer- electronics trade show. But Chinese consumers also want a high- pro le exhibition that represents the future developments at home. That’s why CE China is an all-win move. First, it introduces overseas advanced smart-home appliances to Chinese consumers; second, it allows Chinese consumers to experience the future rst-hand; and third, it shortens the time consumers need to respond to the latest products and allows Chinese retailers including Gome to directly communicate with overseas suppliers and introduce foreign products to China as soon as possible.
For the organisers, they can truly bring advanced foreign products to Chinese consumers and allow exhibitors to get closer to the Chinese market.