Miele Heralds Bagless Cleaner First

At its IFA press conference, Miele introduced its first bagless vacuum cleaner as its most important tradeshow highlight. Speaking to journalists from around the globe, Dr Markus Miele, Miele’s Joint Managing Partner, said: “The Blizzard CX1 is powerful, quiet and offers unsurpassed user convenience. The Blizzard sets new standards above all in terms of hygienic disposal of the contents of the dust container.”

Dr Miele said all over the world, people are worried above ne airborne dust. But the billowing cloud released when emptying a bagless vac seems to be of little interest to users. “Similar can be said of the often mediocre suction performance and high noise levels on conventional bagless models,” he noted. “Only at Miele is ne dust retained by a highly effective, additional self-cleaning lter outside the dust container.”

Dr Miele said the clean and hygienic disposal of dust from the Blizzard CX1 has been certi ed by the IBR Laboratories, an American organisation for testing ltration performance.

Miele - Blizzard display