The Connectivity Family

Siemens presented full range of connected appliances at IFA

Olaf Nedorn, Head of Marketing and Communication at Siemens Home Appliances, says the company has put its focus on connectivity and has reached the stage where it can say that the kitchen is now connected.

The overall feedback is that IFA has been a success for Siemens. We have a brand new booth – everything buyers saw was new. The products that are connected were well received, but we also had innovations in every aspect of our product range, for example, our washing machines with the new SensoFresh programme, allowing to eliminate odours without washing thanks to the use of active oxygen. We also have new ventilation products for the kitchen and we presented our robot concept product, Mykie. Three years ago we introduced connected products, Mykie is the next step of connectivity.

Why is IFA so important for Siemens?

IFA is an essential platform to introduce new products and we have all the people of the industry here. We have increased the number of retailers that we have met at IFA this year and we are very satis ed.

Everything is working well and business is good. We have innovations to show and overall, the feedback is very positive.

What does the future hold for appliances?

Home appliances have become innovative products – it is not just a washing machine anymore – but part of the connectivity family. People are not just coming on to the stand as we have a famous German chef here cooking, but they are really interested in our products and they have accepted connectivity as a part of their life. We are also building a portfolio of brands around Siemens, an eco- system, where we are creating partnerships with brands like Amazon.