A Change in Perception

While in the past many saw Chinese brands as the “cheap & cheerful” cousins of the Japanese and Korean manufacturers, today this is no longer the case. “When we are talking about our brands and explaining what Hisense is, we explain to people that these are not ‘generic’ products. We have R&D centres all over the world. Here in Europe we have a major centre in Düsseldorf… and the company is re-investing 5% of all turnover into R&D” explained Ms Dugandzic.

“This shows that we are pushing the innovation forward. We are sure our brand will be increasingly important on a global scale over the coming years. When it comes to branding, thanks to our sponsorships of major sporting sponsorships like the UEFA last year and now with the FIFA sponsorship, we are establishing the brand on a global level,” she added.

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