Bosch Unleashes “Household Personality”

Bosch Household Appliances Managing Director, Harald Friedrich, delivered an upbeat power briefing based around the company slogan, “more quality of life for the modern home”.

Having been voted Germany’s Most Trusted Brand in 2016-17, a key theme for Bosch at IFA 2017 will be the development of a unique “household personality”.

“Our consumers have a high awareness of quality,” said Mr Friedrich. “But their needs are above all quite different.” While a healthy, sustainable and simplified lifestyle inform the priorities of a majority of consumers, these need also need to be expressed through individuality. This is Bosch’s promise of household personality.

“With our latest new products we want to foster this uniqueness and help to make everyday life of our consumers easier, safer and more successful,” said Mr Friedrich.

To this end, Bosch has created the first refrigerator that can change its colour with interchangeable doorways in 19 different shades.

Mr Friedrich said that “customising” is a big trend, and not only in terms of furniture or fashion.

With the VarioStyle refrigeration-freezer combination from Bosch, this trend has entered the realm of household appliances. Combined with an interior camera so you can see what’s in the fridge via an app on your tablet or smartphone, it’s one of several unique Bosch fridge concepts featured at IFA.

Also on the menu of household personality appl iances was a “robot vacuum cleaner revolution”, with Bosch previewing its Roxxter robot before its launch at IFA.

The Roxxter’s unique rounded shape means it can access and clean corners and furniture edges. For the first time, the robot vacuum cleaner can also be controlled via Amazon Echo’s Alexa voice assistant.

An integrated streaming camera in the Roxxter also lets users keep an eye on the home, with live streaming available through the app to a smartphone or tablet.

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