GfK Technical Consumer Goods Update

Connectivity, technical improvements and energy efficiency continue to be the key growth drivers

We asked Jürgen Boyny, Global Director Consumer Electronics, GfK Retail and Technology, about the current trends around smart technology.

The development of internet bandwidth enables more and more consumers to enjoy the broad offerings there. Further enhanced picture quality and improved sound give the immersive experience that catches the consumer.

Other exciting new products such as devices with artificial intelligence and voice-control, are developed at a fast pace. Through the emergence of omnipresent voice assistants, the control of our smart home appliances will be moved to a new level of convenience. This also affects sales of smart appliances such as security cams, light bulbs or robot vacuum cleaners, with positive growth rates over all segments. Driven by consumers’ curiosity and excitement, this will further enrich the daily routines of the connected consumer and will considerably change consumer habits.

How is smart technology making an impact in the appliance sector?

Connectivity is also swapping over to Small Household Appliances as well as to Major Domestic Appliances (especially in Asia). This will impact consumers’ device interaction and create new value chains and service offerings. For Small Household Appliances, the positive and dynamic trend continues, especially in Europe and Asia. The market is driven by ongoing innovations that make the everyday life of consumers easier and make kitchens a more attractive area in the home. Energy efficiency is more and more in focus; the second step for the energy label, for vacuum cleaners, will appear in 2017 in the EU.

What are the key areas in mobile and wearables?

Mobile communication remains another important growth driver for technical consumer goods. Wearables are constantly gaining popularity and virtual reality further pushes sales. Smartphone again hit a new record in sales and besides that over time there is always a trend for improved value for money, consumers are excited about premium features such as iris-scanners, maximised screen-to-body-ratio or real fast charging which even results in higher average prices.

Photo: Jürgen Boyny, Global Director Consumer Electronics, GfK Retail and Technology