GN Hearing – a New Hearing Care Experience

GN Hearing is presenting its revolutionary ReSound LiNX 3D device, taking “Smart Hearing” to new levels to enable people with hearing loss to hear more, do more and be more anywhere in life. This comprehensive ecosystem seamlessly connects hearing aids, all wireless accessories and smartphone apps to make everything work together. With the introduction of ReSound LiNX 3D and ReSound Smart Fit software, an entirely new hearing care experience is made possible. These breakthroughs are developed with audiological insights and the latest advancements in technology to bring more convenience and efficiency than ever before.

  • Unmatched Sound Quality Up to 50% better at identifying speech across various environments
  • Efficient Fitting Faster and more convenient wireless fitting will save time for both the user and the hearing care professional
  • Ground-breaking Remote Fine-Tuning The hearing care professional can make all fine-tunings remotely to provide a better hearing experience for the user.

Hall 4.2 / STAND 205