Hisense Targets Top End with TVs

The Chinese manufacturer underlines the importance of branding… and innovation

Hans Wienands, Senior Vice President of Hisense Germany, told this year’s IFA media briefing that China is stamping its mark on a global market demanding bigger screen sizes and better innovation.

The official sponsor of the 2018 World Cup football tournament in Russia, Hisense will confirm its place on the leading edge of the TV market when it previews a new 100- inch Laser TV with diagonal display that will soon go into production.

“As the world’s third-largest manufacturer of TVs, we bring the message: China is not only a highly developed market, but also a particularly demanding market,” said Wienands. He also noted that China represents 21% of the world’s TV market, and leads the way in terms of average screen size. With the release of two new premium UHD TVs at IFA 2017, Hisense will be aiming at the top end of the market. The Hisense 70NU9700 and the Hisense 65NU8700 are equipped with new Hisense 4K ULED TV technology that promises four times the number of pixels. This means that pixels are no longer visible, even with a small distance to the television.

Thanks to the new ULED display technology developed by Hisense, the TVs show extra sharp, natural-looking images via a high dynamic contrast and dimmable LED (128-zone local dimming) that provides an extra-large colour space. The heart of the Hisense Smart TVs is the personalized user interface VIDAA U, which starts within just three seconds and connects immediately to the internet for quick searching of video-on- demand offers via the Smart TV function. The new Hisense smart TVs are also 20% faster than conventional TVs.

According to Monika Dugandzic, head of marketing and PR for Hisense, “We are facing the challenge that a lot of people have smart TVs, but they don’t use them to their full capacity, because it’s too complicated. We have been working for a long time to find ways to make it easier for the consumer… not just for the “techies”, but also for people in normal households watching TV. With VIDAA U, it’s really easy, fast and individual UI.

According to Ms Dugandzic, the response so far has been amazing. “When we are presenting it to our customers – to the retail sales people – they can’t believe how easy it is. In a maximum of three clicks, you arrive at your desired destination. They have been very surprised by how easy it is, how quickly you are connected with the internet and so on… and how intuitive it all is.”

Retail training will be a major element in the success of Hisense’s new product. Ms Dugandzic explains that this will be a key: “We have just now started, because we think it is important to explain our product, to present our product and to explain the key selling points – what do you really get when you buy a Hisense TV.

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