IFA 2017 Strategy Unveiled for Siemens Home Appliances

Siemens is back at IFA in 2017 to promote home appliance products that promise a “seamless life.” This is “a life where intelligent technology, design and networking create more opportunities and freedoms,” said Siemens Managing Director, Roland Hagenbucher, at the IFA power briefing in July.

Making everyday life easier starts in the laundry. A new networked Avantgarde laundry care line-up embodies Siemens’s seamless life vision by combining the three pillars of networking, innovation and technology.

Besides a futuristic operational experience and design, Siemens’ updated Avantgarde washing machine has, for the first time, an upgraded capacity of 10 kilos without compromising the sleek shape and outer dimensions – the machines are only slightly deeper.

The latest laundry technologies like sensoFresh or the IntelligentCleaning system are also standard. The first time, however, Avantgarde buyers can also choose the I-dos dispensing system that ensures an exact dosage of detergent via sensors. The most striking innovation is the blue illuminated ring surrounding the window that serves a a functional element? A coloured 5-inch TFT full-touch display offers better legibility and ergonomics, while the machines can also be controlled via any mobile device. Status messages are sent directly to the owner via the HomeConnect app, which also offers smart energy management for solar power.

The Avantgarde dryer also comes with a higher 9 kilograms of capacity, allowing users to dry large duvets or sleeping bags. The new iSensoric self-cleaning function, part of the new “intelligentCleaning” system, automatically flushes the lint filter at the end of each drying cycle, this helping to limit both maintenance and energy consumption.

The new Avantgarde laundry machines are premium Siemens products that “seek to redefine the future of modern laundry care”.

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