Liebherr Cbnpes 5758 Premium Biofrech Nofrost

Liebherr’s latest strides in energy efficiency sees it offering the highest ratings available with A+++, and even better A+++/-20% thanks to a complete rethinking of the appliance’s design and technology.

The BluPerformance refrigerator’s compressor and condenser has been removed from the back, and is now compactly integrated into the base of the appliance. This development provides a much larger internal capacity for storing food, and also ensures the appliance is particularly quiet in operation.

The Premium BluPerformance models have an optional SmartDevice box which allows simple integration into smart homes via WLAN, facilitating remote control of appliances from mobile devices, both in and outside the home.

  • Seven-inch high-resolution touchscreen display integrated in the door featuring a range of pre-set programs
  • FreshAir activated charcoal lter integrated into the PowerCooling housing
  • Keeps more food fresh as it’s equipped with larger BioFresh safes

HALL 2.1 / STAND 201