Loewe Goes All-Out for OLED… and High Design

We met with Mark Hüsges – CEO of Loewe during the Innovations Media Briefing, and asked him how business is progressing…

First of all, Loewe is progressing very well. We have double-digit growth, which is very positive. But for me, the most important thing is that customers are happy with what we do. In terms of what’s new, we have dramatically expanded our OLED portfolio. We now have product lines 4, 5, 7 and 9, whenever the screen is above 55-inches, we are very much counting on OLED, because we have no doubt that it is a superior technology. And the combination of the OLED panels with our software algorithms creates an exceptional picture quality and gives exquisite viewing pleasure for the customer. What is quite unique in the market is the number of different product we now offer with OLED technology.

Looking at design, it’s interesting to note, for example, the Bild 5, which has a stand featuring wooden legs. Please tell us a little more about this concept. The Bild 5 product portfolio is a very modular concept. You can have it in a very standard configuration, in all mounting options: floor, table or wall. But on top of that, we have used the modular concept to create something really exceptional and unique, and that’s combining it with a wooden floor stand that makes it a real piece of furniture. It integrates into the living room environment, without being old fashioned – as it’s a very modern interpretation of the old days when the TV used to be a piece of furniture as well. It’s very unique as well in that it integrates the sound bar into the floor stand with an exceptional sound quality. So you have the lightness of the OLED panel with real materials like wood, fabric, glass and metals, giving an overall uniqueness.

HALL 24 / STAND 101