Panasonic’s Plasma Engineers Come Back Out To Play

With the release of sleek new OLED TVs by Panasonic, the competency of the company’s former plasma engineers is coming into play. We asked Panasonic PR manager Michael Langbehn what makes these TVs stand out in the crowd.

We are demonstrating our 4K competency in terms of the value chain – end to end. We can film 4K signals, send and receive them, store them and play them on our newest screens. We are showing our two new OLED screens – the 945 and the 1005. These are both the highlights in terms of our TV line-up. We are showing our 4K Blu-ray Disc players and our 4K Blu-ray Disc recorders, giving us the widest portfolio in terms of 4K products. We also have the devices to generate 4K content in terms of our two camcorders – the X1 and the X1000 and of course our digital still camera – the GH5.

It’s the first time that Panasonic TV engineers have worked directly with those from the Technics brand. When it comes to design, more and more TV sets look alike, so you need other differentiating factors to stand out from the competition. That’s why we decided to integrate the Technics soundbar.

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Photo : Michael Langbehn, PR manager, Panasonic