Samsung Powerstick Offers Powerful Suction

Samsung said its POWERstick vacuum delivers extreme suction power that creates three times more powerful suction than conventional models.

The company said that EZClean technology lets users easily and hygienically remove any trapped dust or debris, including long hairs. To empty the EZClean dustbin, users simply pull a lever and the EZClean Brush easily pulls out from the drum.

An easy handling design enables users to turn around corners and obstacles like furniture.

It works as two vacuums in one to clean a variety of areas. As a “stick type” it’s ideal for large floors, but simply by lifting off the detachable handheld, it’s great for cleaning smaller areas, crevices or furniture.

A 21.6V lithium-ion removable battery provides longer-lasting power up to 30 minutes, once the battery has been fully charged for three hours.

  • Two vacuum cleaners in one
  • Can easily and cleanly remove tangled hair
  • Extra agile turning, extra easy movement