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Forget about Making a Splash… Ride the Wave!

On the floor of the 2017 IFA Innovations Media Briefing this summer, we put the question to a number of journalists, “What ‘grabs’ you this year?” While some spoke of Virtual Reality, AI, Enhanced Reality, Smart Home and so on, all agree on two things: There is no one single “hot item” that everyone is going to rave about; but at the same time, there is more innovation and excitement ACROSS THE BOARD than at perhaps any other time.

The fact that the evolution of all kinds of smart products, as well as all that’s involved in their ecosystem, are accelerating exponentially. This is not creating a “splash” as we have when an amazing new breakthrough product hits the market, but is instead creating a “wave” that is sweeping everything along with it. As the wave grows, more and more product categories, manufacturers and brands and being picked up and carried along, and a growing number of consumers are riding it. As anyone who has ever surfed will know, it’s important to start picking up pace before the wave peaks, or you risk being left behind. IFA will give you the impetus to do so! We hope you enjoy the ride