Beyerdynamic Promises to “Make It Yours”

Headphone company mantra is ‘personalise, customise, optimise’

German audio specialist Beyerdynamic is at IFA 2017 with a range of pioneering headphone technologies designed to individualise its products for customers. Under the marketing strapline “Make It Yours”, the company promises to “personalise, customise and optimise” the listening experience.

The key breakthrough, described by co-general manager Edgar Van Velzen, comes courtesy of a partnership with Mimi Hearing Technologies, which has devised a state of the art system that tailors sound to an individual’s unique hearing requirements. Purchasers of the new Aventho wireless headphones are provided with an app that conducts a six-minute hearing test. Based on the results, sound is adapted in a way that enhances the experience without risking damage to the user.

Van Velzen says: “The new technology built into the Aventho wireless is undoubtedly very special. In addition to Mimi’s sound personalisation technology it includes innovative touch control, and a tracking function. The touch control can be used to playback media or adjust volume by means of finger movements on the ear pad. The tracking function keeps a record of daily audio habits.” Van Velzen also talked about Beyerdynamic’s emphasis on customisation and optimisation, illustrated by the MMX 300 professional gaming headset, the Impacto headphone amplifier and the In-Ear Xelento wireless headphones: “The MMX 300 will be available in a customised version with new design options so that all gamers can adapt their headsets to match their style or their clan. The Impacto is a pocket headphone amplifier and quite possibly the smallest high-end system the world over.”

A private company founded in 1924, Beyerdynamic bases the heart of its operation in Germany. Wolfgang Luckhardt, also co- general manager, said: “The lion’s share of our revenues is generated through products that are made in Germany. Over the past years, we have built up an in-house level of expertise for our core processes that is virtually unmatched”.

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