Bosch Aims to Make Life Easier

The German brand is showcasing new products at IFA aimed at meeting the main requirements of modern households lives

The main focus of Bosch’s IFA press conference was looking at appliances which promote a healthy, sustainable and relaxed lifestyle, as well as making tedious housework easier and more convenient.

Harald Friedrich, Executive Manager of Bosch Home Appliances, said that for the rst time at IFA the company is showing its products in ve everyday living spaces which represent the five main requirements of households: individuality, networking, healthy living, perfect results and simpli cation.

Among the key product highlights was the Vario Style fridge-freezer, which Bosch said is the rst refrigerator in the world where consumers can change the door to suit their style. There are 19 attractive, modern colours to choose from.

At IFA, Bosch has launched its first networked small appliance on the market, the Roxxter robotic vacuum cleaner. The RoomSelect feature can instruct the cleaner to conduct individual tasks, as well as pointing out areas that are out of bounds. Friedrich said: “Voice control is even possible using Amazon Alexa, for example: ‘Alexa, tell the Home Connect robot to vacuum the living room’. Following on from washing machines and ovens, the Roxxter robotic vacuum cleaner is now one of the Bosch appliances that works via voice control. More will follow soon.”

Friedrich also previewed the X-Spect scanner, which identifies and evaluates information about food that is not visible to the human eye. He demonstrated the X-Spect scanner to assess the ripeness of a peach.

In cooking, Bosch has introduced new Series 6, 4 and 2 ovens, as well as the first Series 6 cooker with Home Connect.


Bosch has equipped its new ovens and cookers with assistance functions, meat probes and steam support, depending on the model. There are up to 40 automatic AutoPilot programmes which independently determine the temperature, heating type and cooking time for a previously selected dish.

Mr Friedrich said: “Perfect results are guaranteed without any checking – regardless of the user’s level of cooking experience. A steam-assist function keeps many dishes, such as bread or meat roasts, crunchy and crisp on the outside, but soft and tender on the inside.”

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