The Coolssha automatic toothbrush is another name for Noksibcho Group, which has specialised in the development and production of health foods, cosmetics, medical products aimed for a healthy world over the past 30 years.

Based on the accumulated knowhow obtained through the development of quality products in the course of export of them to as many as 20 countries, the company has paid attention to one of its findings: that the health of teeth plays a great role in people’s lives. The company invited dentists to undertake research in collaboration with skilled engineers and technicians over the past 12 years with a view to developing the world’s best products.

Their toothbrushes have an internationally patented, multi-directional brushing technique that combines the horizontal reciprocating motion and downward brushing movements recommended by dental professionals.

Four kinds of cleaning at the same time: toothbrush, dental floss, water washing, removal of coating on the tongue. Coolssha, equipped with three brushes, can remove debris with a motion of reciprocating, sweeping down, debris between teeth, debris around the tooth root portions, occlusal surface, and even coating on the gum and the tongue. It is an auto toothbrush with four functions operating simultaneously, except for a misaligned teeth area.

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