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International branding a key goal for Korean small appliance manufacturer

In this section, we spotlight a highly innovative South Korean manufacturer that appears to be one of that country’s best kept secrets of past years – but not for long! Kuvings has been in the kitchen appliance market for just under 40 years, and the company is today one of Korea’s top manufacturers of vacuum blenders and juicers. We asked company Chairman and CEO, Kim Jong Boo what makes his devices different from the others.

One of our key selling points is the fact that people don’t have to cut the ingredients into small pieces, so this saves time. Furthermore, as everyone knows, ingredients kept in a vacuum maintain freshness for a long time, preserving flavour and aromas, enabling them to remain fresh and rich for a longer time, and nutritional loss is minimised. In other words, ordinary blending of fruits and vegetables causes oxidation of ingredients instantly through contact with air. Blending of ingredients using vacuum function – removing air) delays spoilage and improves the freshness of the juice. With fewer air bubbles, the texture is also much better. Studies have proven that vitamin preservation is vastly improved by using our system, and it has also been found that the human organism is able to better digest and absorb nutrients that have been extracted using the Kuvings Silent Juicer than through eating raw fruits and vegetables. For example, in an analysis of Vitamin C content from tomatoes, it was found that a raw tomato contains 2.11 mg/100g of vitamin C, there was 1.81 mg/100g, while with the Kuvings Silent Juicer, the level was as high as 9.39 mg/100g. As adults need around 75 mg of vitamin C per day, this means a single cup of juice from the Silent Juicer can supply 25% of average daily requirements.

What actions are you currently taking to raise brand awareness in Europe?

We aim to develop kitchen appliances in the European market, because Europe is the original market for small appliances. Through technology and design we aim to achieve a good level of customer satisfaction in this market. We are investing in a number of activities, notably such as being present at IFA in Berlin, along with other marketing efforts. We are planning to expand our brand globally, and this is really at the core of our efforts today. At IFA, we want to meet with end users, as a friendly up-close way of promoting our brand. In the future, we will be developing demonstration areas, with cooking demonstrations, rolling out in a number of retail partners throughout Europe

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