Massages with 360-Degree Virtual Reality

Medisana has developed the perfect experience to complement a massage programme: an invigorating virtual trip around the world, guided meditations on a tropical island, listening to a musical experience in the nature while in the “Sound Garden”, escaping everyday life with an audio visualisation. The specially created 360-degree experiences enable the user to dive into distant worlds and enjoy the full massage effect as the three senses of touch, sight and hearing are stimulated simultaneously. All the massages offered are Virtual Reality synchronised massages, which are provided under the “connect body and mind” motto – a symbiosis of massage and the VR experience for a comprehensive well-being.

  • Therapeutic: experts from all fields see advantages with this system
  • Synchronised: all sights and sounds are synchronised with massages
  • Innovative: surfing on the success of VR

HALL 6.1 / STAND 103