Meet Sanbot Nano, an AI Robot for the Home

Qihan Technology Company has chosen IFA as the launch pad for Sanbot Nano, a home assistant robot. Sanbot Nano stands at 2.7 feet tall and is equipped with over 50 sensors. It is equipped with numerous advanced features for the home, including:

  • Voice Assistance
    With Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service, Sanbot Nano can order pizza, request a car, track fitness stats, control the TV and play music from today’s leading streaming providers.
  • Smart Home Control
    Sanbot Nano pairs with smart home devices from the world’s most popular connected home brands, enabling families to control lights, thermostats and home appliances.
  • Remote Surveillance
    Qihan’s mobile Q-Link App allows families to live-stream video and control Sanbot Nano from anywhere in the world. When the family is away, Sanbot will monitor the house using object detection sensors and sound an alarm if an intruder is discovered.

HALL 7.1A / STAND 101