Miele Aims to Reinvent Cooking

German manufacturer heralds “biggest launch since induction cooking”

Miele said its new Dialog oven is faster and more versatile than any other cooking product.

Speaking at the company’s IFA press conference, Dr Markus Miele, Miele’s Executive Director and Co-Proprietor, said that for the very rst time, a technology is being deployed in which electromagnetic waves respond to the texture of food “in an intelligent manner”.

During the unveiling of the Dialog oven, a chef demonstrated it by cooking a sh in a block of ice, at 56 degrees, without the ice melting.

Miele said: “The time has now come to reinvent cooking – with the Dialog oven from Miele. Meat, for example, is cooked more uniformly, retaining its juices. Fish and vegetables keep their ne structure and dough rises signi cantly better. “Various fresh ingredients for a complete meal can be placed together on an oven tray and are all finished to perfection at exactly the same time – and up to 70% faster than using conventional cooking methods.” The Dialog oven will launch in April 2018.

Dr Reinhard Zinkann, Miele’s Executive Director and Co- Proprietor, said that total sales grew 5.9% to €3.93bn; while in Germany the company’s sales grew 6.8%.

“Miele is once again the undisputed market leader in Europe,” he added.

Other product highlights on the Miele stand include Scout RX2, a web-enabled and app-controlled robotic vacuum cleaner.

Zinkann said the premium Scout RX2 Home Vision model can be relayed live to a tablet or smartphone. He added that all data is protected with end-to- end encryption.

Also new from Miele is the CM5 coffee machine, a compact unit, available in five colours, with retail prices ranging from €799 to €2,199.

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