New Juicing Experience… New Levels of Wellbeing!

Kuvings’ technology enables consumers to make fresher and healthier juice every day. The ultimate in avour is achieved thanks to the company’s vacuum blender and whole slow juicer, based on registered patents in over 80 countries.

The new concept “The First Quiet High-Power Vacuum Blender” compresses the juice in a vacuum and blends it with high power to complete rich tasting juices with a high density
of anti-oxidants. Vacuum Blending preserves the original avours, colours and nutrients of ingredients by vacuum sealing the blending jar, when making fresh smoothies, drinks, sauces, and purees – through minimising oxidation.

Kuvings’ innovative Noise Reduction Cover minimises noise and makes the product more comfortable to use.

  • Vacuum Blending: Removes air to preserve original avors, colors, and nutrients of ingredients by vacuum sealing the blending jar.
  • High-Power Motor: The powerful (32,000RPM) motor blends ingredients for superior and smoother consistency.
  • Noise Reduction Cover: The cover signi cantly minimizes the noise generated by a typical high-speed blender.

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