Siemens Presents Solutions for a Seamless Life

Siemens offers a smart, connected world under one roof

At its IFA press conference, Siemens unveiled a number of smart innovations across all the major domestic categories. Key product highlights on the Siemens stand include the iQ500, a “smart” cooker that can be connected via the Home Connect App, and that can now also be controlled with Amazon Alexa.

Roland Hagenbucher, chief executive at Siemens Home Appliances, said: “For many people, this Seamless Life, a life powered by smarter technologies that work perfectly together and give us better control of our everyday lives, comes down to better integration of connected appliances in the home.”

Mr Hagenbucher said the iQ500 series also sets new standards in its class in terms of features. The cooker reaches 175 °C in just five minutes thanks to a rapid heating feature, without consuming additional energy.

He said: “Everyone’s frozen pizza is cooked from frozen to crispy in just 12 minutes as opposed to 22 minutes previously. That’s because the special coolStart programme means no more preheating of frozen goods up to five centimetres in height – a process that normally takes around ten minutes.”

Siemens also released the ndings of a new follow-up study to last year’s Seamless Life research, undertaken by London’s Goldsmiths University.

He said: “Many consumers are seeking greater ‘flow’ in their households, through technology that works in the background to facilitate a synchronised, frictionless lifestyle. For example, three-quarters (75%) agree that household appliances should, above all, save time in daily life, while 58% value innovative technologies that make everyday living easier.” Other highlights on the Siemens stand included the XXL refrigerator with connected camera, which is 70cm wide and 80cm deep, and, Mr Hagenbucher said, offers 35% more space than a standard sized fridge- freezer.

In home laundry, Siemens presented its new avantgarde range, which features a new size segment with a drum volume of up to 10kg. The most striking new feature is a blue indicator ring that encircles the window, so the current programme status can be read from a distance. The appliances are now operated like a smartphone via a 5” colour TFT full- touch display.

Siemens also presented the prototype of a smart scanner, which detects information in relation to surfaces and materials not visible to date for consumers. The wireless device, which will be part of the Home Connect ecosystem, records the colour and composition of stained textiles using the integrated sensor.


Mr Hagenbucher said: “For laundry care with washing machines and dryers connected via Home Connect, X-Spect takes just a few seconds to recommend the right wash programme for every type of textile”.

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