Speck’s Presidio Cases for Samsung

The Speck has unveiled a range of Presidio cases available to protect Samsung’s newest flagship smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. This range of stylish, protective Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ cases includes Presidio, Presidio Grip, Presidio Clear, Presidio Clear + Glitter, and Presidio CLEAR + Print.
Available in a range of vibrant, modern colours and prints, Speck said that each case exceeds military-grade protection and offers drop protection up to 10 feet. When dropped, the ridges compress on impact to absorb and disperse shock.
Speck’s best-selling cases are Presidio Grip and Presidio Clear. Presidio Grip features raised rubber ridges which offer a secure hold while watching videos, taking photos or gaming on the new large, curved screens, while the Presidio Clear shows the device off with great clarity.
Presidio and Presidio Grip feature the Impactium Shock Barrier, a band of ridges that lines the inside perimeter of the case, co-molded with the polycarbonate shell.

  • A robust design
    Presidio and Presidio GRIP cases offer drop protection up to 10 feet
  • A stylish look
    Speck’s Presidio cases slimmer than ever, offering a balance of protection and style
  • Protection for the screen
    ShieldView Glass, Speck’s tempered glass screen protector, is also available for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

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