Toshiba Returns to IFA with Vestel

Just 12 months after announcing its plans to return to Europe’s consumer AV market, Toshiba is back with a 500 square metre display at IFA.

Toshiba is unveiling a TV series at IFA, which it claims will bring more depth, power and authenticity to mainstream TV viewing.

Through a mix of OLED, HDR as well as motion and audio technologies, Toshiba said the TVs display on- screen content exactly as it was intended to look, enhancing the brightness, life-like colour variety as well as contrast ratios to offer a compelling TV viewing experience. Bringing supersize home entertainment to the mainstream sector, Toshiba is also introducing an ultra-big screen TV at IFA. This 75- inch 4K HDR model features built- in subwoofers to enhance the bass output for sound.

Toshiba said that with its entire IFA 2017 line-up, it is challenging the limitations of TV design, offering slim models that can still provide, as standard, greater sound quality. Promising a more deeply immersive home entertainment experience, Toshiba said it is set to become part of the on-screen movie magic, bringing this iconic story to life through the design as well as the visual and audio effects of its new TV model.

Making TV a design statement for every size or style of room, Toshiba’s showcase introduces visitors to high tech wall art. Designed to hang ush against the wall, the brand’s new paper-thin TV concept is a window to the on-screen action, opening viewers’ eyes to new worlds, new realms of experience, Toshiba said.

HALL 8.2 / STAND 101