Untangle Your Life


Say goodbye to messy cables. The Arun WX0003 wireless charger helps you untangle your life. Smart built-in sensors mean charging starts automatically when a phone is placed on top, even with the phone case on, up to 6mm. Charging stops automatically when the phone is fully charged. A premium quality power emitter coil is used, ensuring high conversion efficiency, leaving no “blind” charging spots, making charging simpler and guaranteeing better charging performance.
Intelligent blue lights on both sides of the wireless charger give clear information of its working status. Made of environmentally-friendly materials, the product comes with over-current protection, overcharging protection, short-circuit protection, and thermal protection. The wireless charger is thus not only convenient, but also safe and efficient.

  • Compact
    Only 6mm thickness, weight 51g, ultra-compact design
  • Wide compatibility
    Compatible with all QI enabled devices
  • Simple
    No cables or USB interface required


  • HALL 25 / STAND 161