Beko Makes Bid to “Democratise Innovations”

How the company aims to foster better health

The profound benefits of healthy eating formed the core message of the Beko press conference on Thursday. Hosting the event was English food writer and entrepreneur Ella Mills – best known for her brand Deliciously Ella – who used her own experience of serious illness to highlight the importance of healthy eating, a fact echoed by Beko CEO Hakan Bulgurlu.

Bulgurlu spoke of Beko’s desire to “democratise innovations”, making them available to the burgeoning middle class populations of emerging countries such as Nigeria and Ethiopia. “We are razor-focused on delivering everyday innovations that make peoples’ lives better,” he said.

Bulgurlu highlighted Beko’s position as the Nº2 home-appliances brand, and the fastest-growing white goods brand, in Europe. He also outlined Beko innovations on show at IFA 2017, for example its range of HomeWhiz connected home appliances, designed to make everyday life better.


Bulgurlu saved his biggest announcement for last, as he unveiled Eat Like A Pro, a joint initiative with FC Barcelona, aimed at combating child obesity. Research suggests that by 2025, 70 million children across the globe will be suffering from obesity. Bulgurlu welcomed to the stage former FC Barcelona player Patrick Kluivert, who endorsed the initiative.

“I have six children and healthy eating is very important to me and my family, “Kluivert said. “At Barcelona, we are delighted to have this partnership with Beko, Eat Like A Pro, inspiring families and children to eat healthily.”

Bulgurlu stressed that the initiative is not a marketing campaign. “This is a real effort by Beko to join forces with Barcelona in doing good. The campaign will look to transform families by engaging parents, giving them healthy recipes from the players and nutritionists. We will transform homes, providing appliances that will make it easier to provide healthier meals and teaching families how to do that. We look forward to working with education ministries to take these messages to schools in the markets we operate in, and of course we will aim to transform entire communities.”

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