Bosch Vario Adds Colour to Kitchen

Bosch brings a spirit of individuality to the kitchen with its new Vario Style, the first fridge-freezer combination with easily- replaceable, coloured door fronts. The range offers nineteen dynamic colours that reflect the latest trends in fashion and the home.

Bosch says its consumers are now entering a new era where choice is key, now able to choose a colour they like to suit their mood, circumstances and taste, thus transforming their refrigerator into something that reflects their own personal design taste. Thanks to an attachment system with concealed brackets and magnets, the high-quality, durable door fronts can be replaced in an instant without using any tools. Users simply pull the front gently towards them, lift and remove, and hook on the new door. Within seconds, the refrigerator adds a new colour accent to the kitchen.

The Vario’s VitaFresh freshness system with two different climate zones, enables food to stay fresh for longer. With its uniformly low temperature of around 0°C and low humidity, the top area of the VitaFresh zone offers the perfect conditions for storing meat and fish hygienically without the risk of any unpleasant smells. In the lower VitaFresh zone, fruit and vegetables benefit from two different settings to ensure ideal humidity.

  • Always on trend: the dynamic range of colours and ease-of-use ensures a fridge that simply and ef ciently adapts to consumers’ moods and tastes
  • Flexible: the Vario Style’s easy clip and switch exchange ensures that tting and removing the 19 different door fronts is both simple and ergonomic
  • Safe: Whichever colour the user opts for, the beauty of the system is that the user can always return to the ‘normal’ colour

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