Facial Hair? Get the Total Kit…


With a staggering percentage of 65% of men* now sporting some sort of facial hair, Wahl offers 2 new trimmer sets that keep these beards, mustaches and goatees in perfect shape!

The 9888 Multi-Purpose and Total-Beard Grooming kits both feature a sporty, rugged look and feel. The ergonomic design of these US-made trimmers guarantee a no-slip grip, allowing for longer and more comfortable use. Lithium-Ion-Powered, the battery is fully charged and ready for 3 hours of use in only 1 hour. The 9888 Total Beard Grooming Kit has all the tools and attachments needed for a stubble or full beard.

The 9888 Multi-Purpose Grooming Kit takes trimming one step further: this trimmer also features a precision trimmer head for detailing, a dual foil shaver for a super smooth finish, and a T-blade to cover larger surfaces for body grooming.

* Online Grooming Questionnaire – 300 German respondents

  • Ergonomic, no-slip grip
  • 3 hours of runtime
  • Wide variety of attachments

HALL 7.1c / STAND 107