Grundig Commits to Make Homes More Sustainable

Next generation of innovative and smart technologies is branded Sustainable Home 2.0

Using smart technology to reduce energy usage and food waste, Grundig is aiming to make sustainability tangible and relevant to the daily lives of consumers.

Speaking at Grundig’s IFA press conference, Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO of Grundig’s parent company Arçelik, said: “Our commitment to sustainability and continual investment in the connected home space has resulted in a new generation of sustainable home appliances.”

Grundig’s new drum for washing machines is made from recycled PET plastic bottles. As each drum is made of 60 recycled bottles, it is estimated that within the first phase of production, 6.6m bottles annually will be recycled to produce this technology – the new drum manufacturing process resulting in a total energy saving of 5.7m kWh per year.

Christian Struck, Grundig’s Director, International Brand Management, said: “Globally, the average household today uses approximately 3,353 kWh of energy per year, and so the energy saved from the first phase of production of the Recycled PET drum equates to the yearly energy consumption of approximately 1,700 homes.

“By recycling these PET plastic bottles, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by a total of 885 tonnes per year.”

Other Grundig highlights include a Realtime Inventory Tracking system on refrigerators to help consumers keep track of their food and minimisise waste. The HomeWhiz app allows users to control all of their Grundig appliances in one place.

From early 2018, users will be able to control their Grundig smart dishwasher, refrigerator, hob and extractor hood through Alexa, with the ability to turn these appliances on and off, and monitor the progress of washing and cooking programmes simply by asking.

In early 2019, this function will be available in Grundig’s smart washing machine, tumble dryer and oven.

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