Grundig Launches Dishwasher @ IFA

Grundig says that one of its most important announcements at IFA is the launch of its new dishwasher, available in freestanding and built-in

Christian Struck, Director of Marketing and Communication at Grundig Intermedia GmbH, says: “The big advantages of this machine include the cutlery tray that can be moved to the side, making it easy for the basket below to enter high glasses, which otherwise are very hard to fit into a dishwasher.”

Users can also lower the basket, to create a larger space for glasses. Grundig says the dishwasher is both water and energy efficient, and has a lot of space inside in general, with up to 14 place settings, and 164 pieces that can be placed inside.

  • Easy to move cutlery draw means tall glasses can be placed easily on upper basket
  • Very big space
  • Low energy consumption

HALL 23 / STAND 101