Healthy Living

Personal care and wellness products are a major growth sector @ IFA 2017

Health and wellbeing continue to be popular topics with consumers around the world, with connectivity driving a wide range of products that includes electric toothbrushes and bathroom scales.

29% In France, sales of app-controlled bathroom scales, grew by 29% in the six months to June 2017

161% Sales of electrical toothbrushes were up 161% in China in the rst half of 2017

While the kitchen may be leading the way with connected appliances, the bathroom too is holding its own, with electric toothbrushes and bathroom scales now able to be controlled via smartphones or tablets.

For the six months to June 2017, demand grew for connected bathroom scales, especially in France, where app-connected devices already make up about a quarter of the market
revenue and have achieved double-digit rates of growth (up 29%).

Smart bathroom scales do the weight-tracking work for you, no typing or pen and paper required. This new breed of smart scales can now track all manner of statistics, from BMI and body fat to heart rate, plot your progress on your smartphone, and even link with your tness band for true 360° health monitoring. Another trend is the growing health awareness of consumers. This is re ected not only in dietary behaviour, but also in the increasing demand for personal care products. In Western Europe, light therapy devices and skin care devices are much in demand among consumers; and in China, sales of electrical toothbrushes were up 161%.

The hair care market is on the ascendency too, driven by innovative products. Analysts predict the global hair dryer market, for example, will grow steadily at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 5% through 2021. Breakthrough innovations are mostly concentrated on product features, technology, ef ciency, and speci cations.Advancement in technology and design are expected to propel growth for the global hair dryer market during the forecast period.