Long-Lasting Hair Removal from Beurer

Beurer claims that its IPL Velvet Skin Pro hair-removal device can treat the entire body in 21 minutes and enables up to 50% hair reduction after 3-to-4 treatments.

Applying clinically tested technology for maximum safety, it has an extra attachment for both the face and bikini line.

The IPL Velvet Skin Pro operates at six different intesity levels and features an automatic power step suggestion that recommends which of the six stages is to be used. The light area is 4.5 cm sq, it offers up to 300,000 light pulses and the device offers maximum safety with a 2-in-1 skin-type and skin-contact sensor.

The epilator also features skin tone detection, which automatically sets the correct energy level; and state-of-the-art IPL light technology, which is used by dermatologists for professional hair removal.

  • Built-in rechargeable batteries allow maximum freedom of movement during use.
  • Long Lasting – Deactivates the hair roots deep beneath the skin and in doing so decreases the chance of the hair growing back.
  • Integrated UV lter to protect the skin.

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