Lumio: the Latest Creation Signed Nescafé Dolce

The coffee brand known for its striking design concepts reveals its latest creation in the shape of the LUMIO – a new machine that allies technology and design for a “pure qualitative experience”. Compact, with singular rounded curves, the brand has made a creative achievement where even the water tank is art déco shaped, like a suspended water bubble.

The choice of being able to prepare your coffee however you like it: from concentrated Ristretto to the XL quantity coffee in the morning, or the level of milk in yourCappuccino, LUMIO is intuitive with its “Play and Select” function and lets you customise your drink with ultra-precise doses.

  • Speedy: with up to 15 bars of pressure, your coffee is ready in 30 seconds
  • Design: elegant and modern
  • Compact: minimum size for maximum performance

HALL 9 / STAND 103