Never Replace the Blades Again


With the new Durablade from Remington, the user can trim, shave and style any length of facial hair and will never need to replace the blades. The dual-sided blades are everlasting, saving time and money, plus the Durablade cuts at or above skin level, avoiding nicks and cuts, giving the user a sensitive and comfortable shave. 1, 2, 4 or 6 mm stubble combs achieve a variety of lengths, and beard lines can be styled with perfect precision using just the blade, shaving both with and against the grain effortlessly, for up to 60-minutes usage time.

This all-in-one product cuts any length of hair, meaning you can groom from full beard to clean shaven in one swift step. Removing the preparation stage of a beard trimmer; the Durablade saves time and hassle as you can use directly onto a long beard to achieve a clean shave.

  • All-in-one product – Trim, Shave, Style
  • Cuts any length of hair
  • Never need to replace the blades

HALL 3.1 / STAND 10