Stand of the Day – Bosch

Smart Innovations for more quality of life – today and tomorrow

HALL 3.1 / STAND 101

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Vice-president, marketing and communications Bosch

“This year’s Bosch IFA stand demonstrates our consumer-centric thinking. It immerses the visitor in five different living spheres – each focusing on one important aspect of our consumers’ needs and desires. From healthy living to smart connectivity, from individualisation to the wish for a relaxed way to attain perfect cooking as well as cleaning results. The five living spheres each integrate the pertinent small and major appliances into one coherent story, and all are connected by one common thread: they all show how Bosch appliances empower the consumer to attain perfect results in a surprisingly simple way.”

  1. A Truly Consumer Centric Experience

1-Bosch_27A2223.jpgThe stunning entrance into a truly experiential stand. The revolutionary Bosch exhibition concept lets the visitor navigate not according to the usual internal logic of product categories, but instead by the issues that are most important to the company’s customers. It purposely looks at the world from a consumer’s perspective and brings together in one experience all the products and features that enable one to live a healthier life. In another area, the visitor learns how to attain perfect cooking results in an amazingly relaxed and simple way.

2. Smart Today, Smart Tomorrow

2-Bosch_27A2175Bosch’s “Simply Smart World” is a sneak preview into the connected world of tomorrow. What’s best about it is that anyone can join this world today. One of this year’s most interesting novelties is Roxxter, the new smart vaccum cleaner that is voice-controlled. What’s more, it’s the only robotic vacuum cleaner on the market that intelligently navigates through homes. Just like the extensive portfolio of large connected home appliances by Bosch, Roxxter is controlled via the Home Connect app.

3. Daily Chores Made Easy

3-Bosch_27A2201You thought household chores must be tiresome? Bosch’s Simply Clean World will turn your world upside down. With i-DOS, the automatic dosing system for washing machines, consumers do not need to waste their time thinking about the perfect amount of detergent anymore. Unlimited, Bosch’s cordless vacuum cleaner effortlessly offers a 360° cleaning of homes. And with the new PerfectDry dishwashers, even plastic dishes are dried perfectly, making dishcloths dispensable.

4. The First Fridge That Changes Color

4-Bosch_27A2156Bosch’s Vario Style fridge freezers are the world’s first fridges to adapt to your life. Take your pick of 19 differently coloured fronts – and if your life and taste change, simply clip on a new high-quality colour front, and restyle your kitchen in a heartbeat. It’s that simple. Try for yourself in the ‘Simply Your Style’ living sphere – and express yourself.