Stylish Wine Cooler for The Kitchen

Avintage is presenting an exclusive built-in column wine cellar model at IFA: the AVI97X3ZI. This 179cm three-zone wine cabinet is designed for 97 bottles. Thanks to this high-end stainless steel wine cellar, consumers can adjust up to 3 different temperatures to bring each kind of wine bottle to its ideal tasting temperature.

  • High storing capacity: This big format built-in column wine cellar (179cm) allows one to have on hand many bottles in the kitchen. The +: a presentation shelf for 5 bottles.
  • Modern design: Enjoy the bottle-shape on the stainless steel plate at the inner back of the cellar.
  • Adjustable temperatures: The 3 compartments for this model can be adjusted respectively from 5° to 18°C / from 5° to 10°C / from 10° to 18°C to perfectly t the user’s needs according to his or her wines.

HALL 6.1 / STAND 115