The Epilady Esthetic for Fine Facial

Back by popular demand, the Epilady Esthetic is specifically designed for use on fine facial hair. With Epilady Esthetic the company has returned to its popular coil-epilation system, which has made it the company’s best-selling product in recent years.

Epilady brought the first epilator to the market in 1986, and revolutionised hair removal by offering a cost effective, mess-free alternative to shaving and waxing for women around the world.

Epilady has expanded beyond its original coil-style epilators over the years, updating hair-removal technology as it introduces new products to its over 30 million users worldwide.

  • Battery operated, compact, quiet, easy-to-use and efficient
  • Lightweight, easy to operate and clean.
  • Small epilating head ensures precise control, making it safe and delicate on the skin.

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