Bosch Smart Home Promises Greater Peace of Mind

German appliance giant leads the way to the connected, and secure, home

At this year’s IFA, Bosch is promoting a Smart Home concept dedicated to making smart technology as user-friendly as possible by continuously optimising, integrating and expanding of connectible home devices via a single app.

To this end, Bosch has been showcasing its integration of selected Home Connect washing machines, dryers and dishwashers by Bosch and Siemens into its Smart Home System – the start of an integration process that will continue into 2018 with Home Connect appliances such as stoves, refrigerators and coffee machines. Meanwhile, the new Bosch smart home in-wall controls for lights and shutters allow users to upgrade regular electric switches for blinds, shutters, awnings and lighting systems completely invisibly – existing lights, blinds and shutters can be controlled as part of the smart home system or operated manually as before.

At IFA, Bosch is demonstrating how such in-wall controls further improve home security via “presence simulation”, meaning the irregular activation of the lights or blinds to put off burglars by creating the illusion that residents are at home.

Bosch is further bolstering its smart home security offering with Twinguard, which automatically sends an alert to smartphones (via a push noti cation or phone call) to inform users about fire flooding, break and enters and so on. Twinguard utilises Dual Ray technology to reliably recognise hazards and prevent false alarms. It also allows Bosch Smart Home users to specify friends and neighbours to be contacted automatically in case of an emergency – free of charge.

Thanks to Alexa, the voice- controlled assistant by Amazon Echo, users can also control the 360° Indoor Camera and the Eyes Outdoor Camera in their Bosch Smart Home to constantly monitor the situation via a smartphone app.

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