Changhong – Focused on Growing European Business

A new organisation to drive global growth and bring a full range of CE & HA products to market

Early this year, Changhong created Changhong International Holding (HK) in order to facilitate the company’s international expansion and branding. Yorkson Wang, Chairman of Changhong International Holding (HK), says that Changhong’s brand value has risen in recent years and was valued at US$18.3bn in 2016.

At IFA 2017, our exhibits include AI Smart Home, an advanced and open Smart Solution, which is connected by IoT, Big Data and AI technologies. We are also showing Wall Paper TV, which is only 4mm thick.


Your largest over seas manufacturing and operation base is in Europe. How is this progressing?

Changhong maintain the growth in Germany, France, Czech Republic as the core market, and we have expanded to Italy, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and other markets. We are trying our best to provide our products to more consumers in the region and ready to service more for our customers.
In Europe we attach great importance to technology research and development and product quality. We established laboratories in Germany and France in 2014. Our European R&D centre was established in the Czech Republic to integrate the local European intelligence platform, and carry out product testing co-operation with several European famous enterprises. We are currently preparing new competitive products for Europe, such as Android TV, OLED TV, and curved TV. New products displayed at IFA will be listed in Europe this year.

Can you tell us about Changhong’s globalisation?

We make great effort to develop and cultivate independent brands and achieve further increase overseas, through strengthened product research and development, and enhance brand image and core competitiveness. Changhong plans to increase investment and construction in R&D and branding, to promote and accelerate the development of globalization.
We have formed a professional international team and established 14 subsidiaries in Indonesia, Pakistan, Spain, the Czech Republ ic and other countries through sole proprietorship, joint venture, factory building and overseas acquisition. Changhong’s Czech Republic factory produces more than one million TVs in Europe.
To create an intelligent R&D platform and to strengthen R&D capability, we established a global model of agile R&D. Changhong have set up overseas R&D centers in the United States, Czech, Spain and other countries. Changhong formed a global R&D capability layout.
By the end of 2016, brand sales revenue grew by 9% over the previous year, Changhong European business achieved an increase of 56%, Changhong Pakistan achieved an increase of 16%. Changhong continues to increase global brand investment, brand reputation keep rising, and now it is “first choice” of Chinese home appliance brand in Indonesia, the Czech Republic and other countries

What are the differentiation points of Changhong? What makes your products different?

Changhong, established in 1958, is a famous brand in China with good quality products. The Chinese trust the Changhong brand. It is a diversified enterprise, not a conventional one, but one of innovative technology. We have been building an entire industrial chain, including hardware, software and services, tanking intelligent strategy as a guidance to innovate development.
Through the intelligent use of the internet and the internet of things, Changhong will achieve interconnection and intercommunication, mutual control and synergy among terminal devices of different brands, and will finally put the first totally synergic service mode of what we term “smart home under smart community” into effect.
Brand internationalisation sees Changhong needing to transform, upgrade and enhance its core competence, and it is also the only way to realise the vision of becoming a globally respected enterprise.

Photo: Yorkson Wang, Chairman, Changhong International Holding (HK) Ltd.