Cluster Intelligence

Erica Warp is a neuroscientist, entrepreneur and educator passionate about applying the science of the brain to solve real world problems. She is thrilled to work with some of the most exciting technology in the field, making the inner workings of the brain accessible for self-improvement, business, research and play.

Emotiv is a pioneer of wearable brain sensing technology and is working to advance our understanding of the human mind by democratizing access to brain measurement. We are particularly interested in how large scale data collection on the human brain can help alleviate the burden of mental health and disease, which plagues 1 out of 3 people globally.

A deeper understanding of the human brain, how it differs between people and how it changes over a lifetime would no doubt provide actionable insights for medical professionals and individuals to improve their mental fitness and health. Collecting enough longitudinal data on a large scale population of healthymbrains to feed the development of biomarker detection algorithms and personalized insights, however, is a near term challenge.

Advances in consumer electronics and machine learning have made it possible to create scientifically validated EEG brain sensing devices that are affordable and easy to to use. Being able to detect emotional states like engagement, focus and stress in real time and control machines just with the power of thoughts has opened up a diverse array of applications for these wearable devices that cover verticals such as gaming, consumer research, VR/AR/MR and performance training. I look forward to sharing ways in which this humanistic intelligence is already being integrated into our digital worlds and how we anticipate this will evolve and shape our experiences, abilities and health in the future.

Photo: Erica Warp, Vice President Product, Emotiv