Devolo: The Magic of a Perfect Connection

Under the slogan “the magic of a perfect connection”, German-based Devolo is presenting innovative whole- home wifi and connected smart home solutions at IFA. These include the dLAN 1200+ WiFi ac Network Kit, a Powerline-branded kit for the best superfast whole- home wifi from the basement to the attic. IFA will see the launch of the 1200 triple+, a three-port Powerline adapter with the fastest, most reliable and widest- range dLAN technology.

By utilising integrated WiFi Move Technology, Powerline creates a single large wifi network within the home so that all devices always automatically connect to the strongest wifi hotspot. That way, users can move freely throughout the home with their tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices while enjoying a perfect internet connection.

  • dLAN technology for highly reliable, widest-range whole home wifi
  • Intgrated WiFi Move Technology for consistent mobile internet connection
  • Powerline adapter ideal for fast networking of all multimedia devices 

HALL 6.2 / STAND 129