Digital Strom Smart Home Platform Connects Kitchen and Bathroom

The German-Swiss smart home provider Digital Strom is presenting a number of intelligent household appliances that can be networked within its award- winning Smart Home platform. Digital Strom’s IFA stand features a fully networked intelligent kitchen and digital bathroom that showcase the interplay of diverse devices that are seamlessly connected.

Digital Strom’s intelligent kitchen at IFA features connected devices such as the V-ZUG Steamer and the Siemens EQ.9 Connect coffee machine. Here, consumers can experience the potential to perfectly sync the preparation of breakfast essentials like coffee and pastries via Digital Strom’s smart home architecture. Digital Strom is also showcasing a connected bathroom that becomes a wellness oasis through individualised settings such as personalised mood lighting and a loudspeaker system that welcomes users with personalised music.

  • Award-winning smart home platform seamlessly networks household appliances
  • Consumers can perfectly sync the preparation of breakfasts, for example
  • Platform turns the domestic bathroom into a connected wellness oasis

HALL 26A / STAND 202
HALL 26.2 / STAND 102 and 130