Got The Right Tablet?

Jaime Rivera, Multimedia Manager at pocketnow. com has been covering mobile technology since the glory days of the PDA back in the year 2000, joining the company in 2007, and today taking credit for growing the company’s YouTube business into what it is. We asked Jaime what he is primarily looking for this year at IFA.

Our scope is mainly mobile technology, so this is what we focus on. Tablets, smartphones, wearables, and all products surrounding this genre.

You were also present at IFA’s International Press Conference in Lisbon. How was that, and how important was it in terms of helping you with information in the run up to the show?

I love IFA GPC. I’m very impressed at the level of importance that IFA gives to learning about market trends and sharing that information with us. It’s helped us educate our approach to the products we should cover and better-taylor our approach to consumers.

What do you feel are the most important trends in technology this year?

IoT and wearables mostly. These products are still in their infancy, but I find it amazing to see how many new ideas have emerged.

What advice would you give to a journalist attending IFA for the first time?

IFA is huge. Probably the largest trade show I’ve attended; and also, the most complete. My biggest advice is to take your time. Plan a good amount of days to truly appreciate all that is available. Some of our best partnerships and business relations have emerged from attending IFA.

Jaime Rivera, Multimedia Manager,