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Expert talks for professional buyers kick-off for the first time at IFA Global Markets

Expert Talks kicked off for the first time yesterday at IFA Global Markets at STATION-Berlin, hosted and organised by Bob Snyder, editor of Channel Media Europe. We asked Bob what the idea was behind the conference.

The thinking behind the conference series is that today everything is driven by content and to have an ability not only to bring together the OEM and ODM marketplace, but also bring the specific content that matches their interest. For example, we are bringing on stage a man who is working for a half-billion-dollar European distributor, and his job in the company is only OEM / ODM. He’s been doing it for 15 years. He has 15 or 16 brands he controls in Europe, that he designed, and IFA Global Markets is designed for people like him. Here is a man with a lot of experience, and the IFA Global Market expert talks give him a platform to be able to share experience and to show why this segment of OEM / ODM needs to have its own place at this show.

What are the main themes?

There are numerous themes. VDE, for example, will be talking about some of the more legal and technical aspects of getting involved the sourcing market. We also have Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), who will be presenting about how to enter into certain markets of the world. We have tried to concentrate on bringing in people with experience that can share it in a panel discussion, and we have tried to cover a number of industries and categories. For example, we have the number one European distributor of 3D printing, who also owns retail shops across Europe, to talk about 3D printing. In you are interested in getting involved in that, this is a unique opportunity to get it from a business angle, that you couldn’t find in another place.

Anouk Groen of GK Design Europe, based in Amsterdam, is someone who studies product design all year, researches it, goes to trade shows, and generates a report for a large number of important clients across Europe… she is coming on stage with the topic, “Fearless in Design”. She will present some emerging trends in colour, form and design. If you are in the ODM side of the business, that will be a very important talk. And we’re spanning other subjects like Virtual Reality, eSports, and other hot technologies like displays and digital audio.

Photo: Bob Snyder, Editor, Channel Media Europe