Keep the Bed Warm Wherever you Are

Beurer is introducing two new CosyNight heated underblankets at IFA.

The UB 190 CosyNight and the UB 200 CosyNight can be controlled remotely and have separately adjustable heat zones for the body and feet. Users can choose from nine temperature settings for each heat zone.

The wi-fi-enabled manual controller, and the Beurer CosyNight app together enable the user to adjust settings individually – and remotely – from anywhere in the house or on the move. Another advantage of the wi-fi and app connection is that the user can automatically set heat programmes for the whole week.

Both heated underblankets can be washed in the washing machine on an extra-delicate washing cycle if the controllers are removed.

  • The Beurer safety system for both devices gives users extra peace of mind.
  • The fitted design means that the blanket is always in the right place and cannot move out of position.
  • The app shows the power consumption and power costs for each day, week, month and year

HALL 4.1 / STAND 212