Libratone Brings Awardwinning Zipp Speaker to IFA

At IFA for the first time, Dutch company Libratone is promoting its acclaimed wireless Zipp speaker, and its recent upgrade to the smart home revolution via Amazon Alexa voice integration. 

While the Zipp Copenhagen model flaunts its Scandinavian design credentials by pairing ultra high quality aluminium top and base with a pure wool speaker sleeve, the speaker has taken a major technological leap by giving users control of the device via the power of their own voice.

By working with all Alexa commands, Zipp can also be operated alongside a suite of connected smart home devices. Best of all, existing Zipp customers can get the new feature free of charge through a simple update on the Libratone app.

“Libratone is on a quest to set music free and the ability to control your ZIPP with your voice is an important step in this direction,” said Simon Peschcke-Køedt, VP of Global Marketing and Head of Libratone Denmark.

As part of Libratone’s mission to move the speaker from corner of the room into the centre, no matter which space the user is inhabiting, a lightweight battery gives the Zipp extra mobility.

Libratone first launched the next generation speaker line in 2015 with a unique SoundSpace concept that allows users to stream music, podcasts and movies anywhere in their home. The company is staying ahead of the curve, however, by constantly upgrading the speaker via firmware updates.

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